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Our collection of color lashes is taking the world by storm! Never before have lash styles been so versatile and fun! Set your world on fire with our Vixen magnetic lashes that feature a gorgeous red hue at the tip of your lashes. ‘

A subtly, sexy, statement by you! Full coverage faux mink lashes. Soft, sensuous coverage of lashes with a delicate and provocative red accent along the outer flip of the lashes. Subtle sexiness.


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Our magnetic liner & lashes have revolutionized the lash world as we knew it. We are no longer glued down to our styles for days or weeks at a time. Changing styles is a sinch! It takes 1 minute to apply the magnetic liner and lashes and that means,  you can now change your style in the car on the way to meet friends after work!


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Classic Lash Collection

Classic Lash Collection

Our magnetic lashes come in a variety of styles for you to enjoy.

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