Classic Lash Extensions Course | Classic Eyelash Extension Training

Classic Lash Extensions Course | Classic Eyelash Extension Training

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Remote Lash Course Online Certification and Classic Eyelash Extension Training


In-Depth Classic Eyelash Extension Training where you interact with Lash Course Online Trainers, receive support and feedback and complete hands-on applications from the convenience of your own home or a nearby local salon.  No need to waste time or money traveling for our Online Lash Class, and definitely no need for any overnight babysitters!

When you enroll in the Stuck Up Lashes Classic Eyelash Extension Training you will learn the Stuck Up Lashes Classic Lashing technique through our Online Lash Class, the art of adding a single eyelash extension to a single natural eyelash to make it appear longer and fuller. Perfect for students looking to begin their classic lash artistry career with an Online Lash Class.

Our Lash Course Online educators have spent countless hours researching, testing and refining the Classic Eyelash Extension Training curriculum. Certified students will gain invaluable experience, refined lash skills, and the confidence needed to expand their lash empire. After our Online Lash Class certification, Stuck Up Lashes students get access to complimentary refresher courses, student discounts on supplies, and continued support from our master Online Lash Class educators.

Invest in a career that empowers you with financial independence, a flexible work schedule, and repeat clientele who rebook lash appointments every two to four weeks on average. The Classic Lash Extensions Course has everything you need to launch your successful career with Stuck Up Lashes, the global leader in lash extensions!

Our Classic Lash Extensions Course was designed for you to leave confident and to set you up for the most success! The Classic Lash Extensions Course is the foundation of any lash artist’s career, in which students will learn fundamental classic eyelash techniques including natural lash isolation, creating optimal bonds, workplace setup, troubleshooting retention issues, styling and more! Our Classic Lash Extensions Course manual has been tested and approved by a team of professional lash artists and Online Lash Class Educators.


What's Included in The Classic Lash Extensions Course Online?

Everything you need to get started and succeed as a Stuck Up Lashes Practitioner is included in your purchase of our Lash Course Online!

  • Premium Classic Lash Extensions Course & Stuck Up Lashes Lash Course Online Starter Kit
  • Classic Lash Extensions Course Online Lessons
  • 1 Year online access to Classic Eyelash Extension Training
  • Lash Business Couching
  • Marketing Materials including Photo & Video Ads
  • Starter Photo Portfolio
  • Stuck Up Lashes Promo Merch
  • Stuck Up Lashes App- Ongoing Support 24/7
  • CPD Accreditation & CLE credits
  • Stuck Up Lashes Classic Lash Extensions Course Online Certification

Classic Eyelash Extension Training Course curriculum

  • Lash Course Online Student Orientation
  • Welcome to our Online Lash Class!
  • Unit 01 : Introduction
  • Unit 02 : Science
  • Unit 03 : Product Knowledge
  • Unit 04 : Salon and Practitioner
  • Unit 05 : Health and Safety
  • Unit 06 : Classic Lash Mapping
  • Unit 07 : The art of Lashing
  • Unit 08 : Complete your lash course final exam
  • Unit 09 : Practical Assignment
  • Unit 10 : Clinical Assignment
  • Unit 11 : Completing the Lash Course Online

Beauticians of every type are sprinting to learn Classic Eyelash Extension Training through our Online Lash Class so they can

  1. Learn a new skill FAST!
  2. Make More Money.
  3. Provide more services to their current clients.
  4. Build a profitable beauty business with our Classic Lash Extensions Course for higher margins.
  5. Set their own hours, being your own boss.
  6. Earn enough money per client with our Lash Course Online, that they can spend more time with their families.


Earning Potential for Classic Lash Artist

While some people receive poor training or worse very little training, ending up causing infections or long lasting eye problems. With the Stuck Up Lashes Lash Course Online, you won't be part of the problem, you'll become part of the solution!

Even with lash extensions being a great career move, many people just don't receive the training required, And that's why we created our Classic Lash Extensions Course. In The Stuck Up Lashes Classic Lash Extensions Course, we pull back the curtain on everything we wish we knew before we built a multi-six-figure business in the eyelash extension industry.


Why Choose Our Classic Lash Extensions Course?

Our Stuck Up Lashes Classic Lash Extensions Course offers Lash Course Online training and knowledge needed to thrive as a Eyelash Extensions Artist. With our in-depth Online Lash Class modules teaching you all aspects of theory, application and styling, Our Classic Eyelash Extension Training will provide you with the confidence and knowledge required to become a sought-after lash extensions artist.


What Makes Stuck Up Lashes Classic Eyelash Extension Training Different from the Rest?

The Stuck Up Lashes Lash Course Online approach to learning prioritizes a tried and true education and learning method pioneered through years of trial and research. This at-your-own-pace method is evident in our eyelash extension courses as well as the many other courses offered. Rather than simply reading through a manual, our instructors have curated videos and photos for our Online Lash Class to help get you comfortable with the lash course application process and give you constructive feedback, allowing you to master Lash Extension skills through our Online Lash Class quickly and affordably.

Stuck Up Lashes Classic Eyelash Extension Training is highly-respected in the industry due to our emphasis on technique as well as safety and best practices in our Online Lash Class. Our Lash Class instructors are happy to answer any questions that will assist you with your classic lash course techniques and career.


Stuck Up Lashes Lash Course Online Key Benefits

Like our lashes, here’s what makes Stuck Up Lashes Classic Eyelash Extension Training stand out

  • Developed by Professionals
  • Taught by Skilled Lash Class Educators
  • 1 Year Full Access to our Online Lash Class
  • Includes What You Need to Get Started

Lash Course Online Certification Roadmap

  1. Enrollment - Purchase your Classic Lash Extensions Course, Receive your Classic Eyelash Extension Training kit, Commit to your Online Lash Class Learning
  2. Online Lessons - Login to our platform designed specifically for lash artists. Learn the fundamentals of eyelash extensions.
  3. Practice - Master your technique on a mannequin head and with real-world lashing alongside our Online Lash Class.
  4. Certification - Our master educators will review your Lash Course Online work and exams. Once approved, your Stuck Up Lashes Classic Eyelash Extension Training Certificate will be unlocked!
  5. Continued Education - Enroll in other courses to expand on your knowledge and foundation!

Our Classic Eyelash Extensions Training is appropriate for complete beginners (no prior experience or beauty background is required) as well as those who may be re-entering the lash industry or who felt that their initial classic eyelash training was inadequate.

Get Classic Eyelash Extension Training and Certification and Start Your Lash Business Today.

Level Up Your Lash Skills With Our Advanced Lash Course Online Training

Our Lash Class educators offer other advance techniques once you mastered your Classic Eyelash Extension Training. Review our other courses to improve your skills and scale your business.